Your wines in pictures.

How do you remember all the wines you've tried?
With Fotovino, it's easy.

Take a photo, enter its name, give it a rating, then cherish it forever. At least, remember it next time you're in the wine store.

Picture It

Take a photo of the label.
wine label photo

Rate It

Enter the wine's name and give it a rating.
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Remember It

You want bring wine to a party.
What's the best one you've tried so far?
List by rating.
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You are looking at a wine at the store.
Have you had that one before?
List by name.
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You're in the Chardonnay section.
Which ones have you already tried?
List by grape.
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Last night at the party, you tried some wine.
What was it?
List by date.
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Appreciate It

One of the best things about drinking wine is enjoying the beautiful label art.
wine entry photo screenshot
Review tasting notes and purchase details.
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Embellish It

Embellish your entry with additional details like the producer, country, and region.
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Share It

Share your entry with friends by e-mail.
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